12 Artists of Tomorrow | 2022

08/04/2022 - 20/05/2022

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Copertina, Chiamata alle arti 2022, Mucciaccia Contemporary, English

Chiamata alle Arti | 2022

June 2022

Open Call to all Fine Arts Academies in Italy | Academie di Belle Arti in Italia

Following the success of the first edition of Chiamata alle Arti | 2021, in collaboration with the Fine Arts Academies of Naples, Rome and Venice, Mucciaccia Contemporary is pleased to announce the second edition of Chiamata alle Arti which will be held this summer, during the month of June 2022.
We invite all Fine Arts Academies in Italy (Academie di Belle Arti in Italia) to submit maximum ten portfolios of students in their final year of Triennale, or who are attending the magistrale course.
The aim of the exhibition is to support the Arts Educations and give visibility to students and their artistic creativity.
Previous students who have exhibited in our Summer Show are not eligible.
The deadline for applications is April 30, 2022. The gallery will consider only the portfolios that have been submitted by professors of the Academies. Students should not apply directly.
The exhibition will be held from 7 to 22 June 2022.

For more information please contact the gallery info@mucciacciacontemporary.com

BR1, Senza titolo, 2020, acrylic on canvas with wooden frame, 42x52 cm


October – November 2022

Mucciaccia Contemporary is excited to present this fall artist BR1.
BR1’s artistic research develops with urban interventions in large public spaces as well as indoor works. The artist investigates multi-ethnic relations, the prejudice surrounding migratory phenomena, the disintegration of democratic and liberal ideals that have stemmed racial preconceptions; and the ambiguities of a globalized society which instead of attenuating limits and borders, creates new levels of social exclusion.

Auto Moi_Intimacy and Loneliness 2

Auto Moai

November 2022 – January 2023

Mucciaccia Contemporary is proud to exhibit in Rome for the first time new works by Japanese artist Auto Moai.
Auto Moai is an artist working in Japan with the theme “anonymity”. The artist depicts faceless individuals to portray the invisible, unspoken connections that bind people to each other. She depicts the relationships between people who are connected to each other, however not perceptible.


Mucciaccia Contemporary

Andreco, BR1, Ligama, MP5

15 dicembre 2021 - 28 febbraio 2022



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