Mucciaccia Contemporary was founded by Giulia Abate in 2017 as a coherent development of Mucciaccia Gallery, which opened its first gallery in 2006 in Rome, and subsequently in Cortina D’Ampezzo, Singapore, London and New York. The gallery’s mission is to identify artists who narrate the art of our time, always maintaining an artistic diversification in the exhibition program.

Mucciaccia Contemporary represents a selection of national and international artists whose media range from painting, sculpture and photography up to including even more hybrid languages, generated from an experimentation of multiple disciplines. The exhibition program includes solo shows as well as highly curated group shows, that result from a dialogue between the artist and the curator, with a strong focus on the spatial peculiarities of the gallery.

The gallery is a venue that provides constant updates with fresh and original approaches to contemporary art. It continues to research and support its artists through collaborations with museums and institutions, and encourages and promotes the diversity of its artists by also participating in art fairs. In addition, the gallery publishes exhibition catalogs to offer insight from curators and supporting documentation on the artists on display.