26/10/2019 -
Dario Agrimi | Roberto Alfano | Giulio Alvigini | Canemorto | Diego Cibelli | Francesco Levy | Matteo Negri | Francesco Pacelli | Viola Pantano | Laurina Paperina | Dario Picariello | Nicole Voltan

The Mucciaccia Contemporary Gallery presents to the public the exhibition 12 Artists of Tomorrow, curated by Cesare Biasini Selvaggi, opening the exhibition program for the new season 2019-2020.

On display are the works of 12 Italian artists (including a trio) born after 1980. The exhibition, with a desired generational cut-off, is the first in a series of periodic collective verifications and talent discovery in our country, and represents a spin-off (with 5% of the authors present) of the successful publishing project “222 emerging artists worth investing in. Selected by the most prestigious curators, critics, journalists and art galleries”, the focus realized in the two-year period of 2018-19 by the exhibition curator for Exibart.

From painting to sculpture, from installation to photography, from ceramics to weaving, there are different languages and experimental methods that can be found in this exhibition project which, through the invited artists, intends to present a reasoned and shared proposal on young art in Italy.

The exhibiting artists are: Dario Agrimi (Atri, 1980), Roberto Alfano (Lodi, 1981), Giulio Alvigini (Tortona, 1995), Canemorto (Milan, 2007), Diego Cibelli (Naples, 1987), Francesco Levy (Livorno, 1990), Matteo Negri (San Donato Milanese, 1982), Francesco Pacelli (Perugia, 1988), Viola Pantano (Alatri, 1987), Laurina Paperina (Rovereto, 1980), Dario Picariello (Avellino, 1991) and Nicole Voltan (Mestre, 1984).

“The intention of this exhibition project, on its first appointment, is to offer a small cross-section of the multi-individuality of theoretical and thematic strides of the youngest Italian artistic research that can be found, regrettably, there are still too few spaces for promotion and support especially in the public sphere. To foster a broader debate, even if it is heated, in a country like Italy that is always struggling to narrate itself. Moreover, the immersion in the world of emerging research, more than ever in a historically inclined national territory like ours, is always exciting. For me a real privilege. As on this occasion” states the curator of the exhibition, Cesare Biasini Selvaggi.

The exhibition is accompanied by a catalog published by Carlo Cambi Editore, with texts by the curator, with in-depth research on the selected artists and their exhibited works.

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Exhibition: 12 Artists of Tomorrow
Location: Mucciaccia Contemporary, piazza Borghese 1 / A, Rome
Inauguration: Friday 25 October 2019, 6:00 pm
Open to the public: 26 October – 6 January  2020
Hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 10:30 am – 7:00 pm; closed Sundays and Mondays
Information: T. +39 06 68309404 | info@mucciacciacontemporary.com | mucciacciacontemporary.com

Nicole Voltan
Her works are the result of an intense dialogue between art and science, which find an outlet in the various artistic techniques she uses, such as painting, drawing, site-specific installation and sculpture. Nicole Voltan observes the macro dimensions, producing branched analyses, following an aesthetic of rarefied beauty, along heterogeneous solutions that include discipline, meticulous talent, physical control of the method and visionary sublimation. Her scientific aptitude is inspired by nature which is analyzed microscopically and whose detail is amplified through a profound methodological study.[…]