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15/12/2021 -
Andreco, Tre Soli, 2019, acrylic on canvas, 103x78 cm

Mucciaccia Contemporary is pleased to present artworks by artists Andreco, BR1, Ligama and MP5, best known for their large murales, with urban installations and regeneration projects. On this occasion a selection of medium and large size artworks will be exhibited in the gallery, to focus on the language of urban art, and explore how it assumes an autonomous aesthetic form, reinterpreting indoors spaces, non-urban, such as an art gallery.


Andreco is an artist with a strong scientific background. He is an environmental engineer specialising in sustainability. His artistic research focuses mainly on the environment, nature and landscape. This complex line of research is developed in different languages such as sculpture, painting and site-specific installations. The artist is interested in geology, landscape morphology, chemical-physical and biological phenomena occurring in ecosystems. Looking at the artwork Tre soli (Three Suns, 2019). Andreco here alludes to atmospheric upheavals and dystopian futures, represented by three black, polyform solar masses that seem to be warming up worlds to come.


BR1’s artworks have a strong social value and encourage reflections on the contradictions that oppose the Western cultural model and the traditions of the populations bordering the Mediterranean. The artist depicts women’s faces or veiled gazes to draw attention to issues of integration, social diversity and multiculturalism, creating a dialogue between the artwork and the viewer. Furthermore, the veil becomes a social and performative object, semantically ambiguous and politically controversial. BR1 has always been interested in the conflict between capitalist and Islamic fundamentalism, and the veil is a constant synonym of his research.


Ligama focuses his intervention of urban regeneration, a cultural revolution, on ancient farmhouses and ruins found in the Sicilian countryside. The artists directs his attention towards lost architecture, traced only by memory. In the wake of this investigation, sculptures and ancient artefacts begin to appear in his works. In 2019, he embarks on new series called “Noblesse Oblige” in which the artist focuses on the decadent beauty of ruins. Equilibrium is an equally fundamental element of Ligama’s works. His paintings are a result of a balance between forms and the canvas, between abstract and figurative. The diptych Falling Hands (2019) and the painting Alle piante non importa (Plants Don’t Care, 2021) derive from this study: there is a compositional harmony in which hands and faces, evoking ancient sculptures, alternate with plants and leaves, and includes the flower that is the symbol par excellence of decadent beauty, the rose.


Working with different media, from drawing to animation videos, murales and installation, MP5 is well known for her incisive black-and-white drawing figures. Her images are reminiscent of classical art, giving shape to a new mythology that underpins a critical and politically engaged vision of reality. MP5 is strongly active in the underground art scene and European counterculture, and over the last ten years she has closely linked her work to the trans and feminist scene. Focussing on the artwork IMG_3519.PNG (2021), the artist here aims to seduce the viewer’s attention, allowing for multiple and ambiguous interpretations of the image depicted.


Artists: Andreco / BR1 / Ligama / MP5

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Open to the public: Wednesday 15 December 2021 – 28 February 2022

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BR1’s artistic research develops with urban interventions in large public spaces as well as indoor works. He investigates multi-ethnic relations, the prejudice surrounding migratory phenomena, the disintegration of democratic and liberal ideals that have stemmed racial preconceptions; and the ambiguities of a globalized society which instead of attenuating limits and borders, creates new levels of social exclusion.[…]
Salvo Ligama
Ligama è nato a Caltagirone nel 1986 ed ha studiato a Catania dove è iniziata la sua carriera artistica. Studente dell’Accademia di Belle Arti, diventa presto Assistente alla Cattedra di Incisione che lascia nel 2015 per dedicarsi esclusivamente alla pittura dopo avere ricevuto diversi riconoscimenti e premi.[…]
Andrea Conte, Studio Andreco
Andrea Conte – Studio Andreco
Andrea Conte, aka Andreco is a visual artist and also an environmental engineer PhD specialized in environmental sustainability and (NBS – Nature-based solutions) for climate change mitigation and adaptation. His Post-Doc researches have been focused on NBS for urban sustainability collaborating with the School of Engineering and Architecture of the University of Bologna and the Columbia University of New York City.[…]