Chiamata alle Arti | 2023

05/07/2023 -
Maria Alejandra Boni | Maria Candeo | Giulia Carminato | Nicola D’Ambrosio | Viola Franchini | Manuel Francesco Giraldi | Petra Gobeo | Kim Isul | Andrea Luzi | Clarissa Moretto | Maurizio Pometti | Ilaria Racca | Antonia Ricciardi | Alice Romano | Antonella Soldovieri | Elena Zanfanti

Mucciaccia Contemporary is pleased to present the group exhibition Chiamata alle Arti | 2023. This is the third edition of the project launched in 2021 to support the creativity of students attending Fine Arts Academies across the country. The exhibition aims to give visibility to these young artists, with the intention of introducing new talents to the art world.

We are pleased to announce that this year more academies are participating to the Open Call of Chiamata alle Arti. The success of the first two editions has led to an increase both in terms of geographic areas and of interest from the public and students. The academies participating this year are: Academies of Fine Arts of Bologna, Catania, Macerata, Brera of Milan, Naples, Rome, Albertina of Turin and Venice.

Sixteen students will be exhibiting their works, each expressing themselves with their preferred medium. The exhibition includes paintings, installations and video art. Their work is not only the result of incredible talent and commitment, but also offers insight into today’s society. Current issues are observed through the eyes of the dreamy and the inquisitive, typical of the young generation.

A catalogue published by Mucciaccia Contemporary Editions will accompany the exhibition.


Maria Alejandra Boni (Medellin, Colombia, 1999)

Academy of Fine Arts of Macerata

Maria Alejandra Boni’s research mainly investigates thoughts, traumas and dreams that have recurred since childhood and have given an important weight to her existence. These are important elements, as she guards them for their being delicate and painful. Through drawing and painting she attempts to transform the unconscious into a collective and concrete thought concerning the social and environmental problems of our generation.


Maria Candeo (Padua, 1974)

Academy of Fine Arts of Venice

Maria Candeo’s painting is inspired by landscapes, in particular those seen from above.

Her ability to emerge from everyday life and to elevate herself, observing natural landscapes also thanks to drones and satellites, allows her to achieve an objectivity otherwise not pursuable. A pictorial seeing/not-seeing.


Giulia Carminato (Padua, 2000)

Brera Academy of Fine Arts (Milan).

Giulia Carminato focuses her research on the creation of visual works and the composition of minimal electronic music tracks, aimed at intensifying the visual experience. Through the combination of video and sound she attempts to create an engaging, stimulating and unusual atmosphere that transports the viewer into an exciting and visionary journey.


Nicola D’Ambrosio (Marcianise, CE, 1996)

Academy of Fine Arts of Naples

Nicola D’Ambrosio’s artistic research focuses mainly on the animal world. He expresses himself through sculpture. D’Ambrosio gives life to a kind of contemporary bestiary by assembling and recycling different materials,. His works are always accompanied by ironic and at the same time dramatic calembour.


Viola Franchini (Florence, 1998)

Academy of Fine Arts of Venice

Viola Franchini’s pictorial research focuses mainly on landscapes, sometimes with the presence of figures that blend or dissolve in it. The landscapes she paints are either familiar or imaginary. The intention is to evoke atmospheres and feelings rather than to describe precise facts. Fate has an important role in her practice, allowing for unpredictable forms to be created, which Franchini tries to accompany and direct, drawing on her imagination as well as photographic sources.


Manuel Francesco Giraldi (Avellino, 2001)

Academy of Fine Arts of Naples

Mythological figures emerge from the works of Manuel Francesco Giraldi. His canvases are an agglomeration of impulses, moments and emotions that rise to life.  In “Diana – città della luce”, Giraldi here refers to the goddess Diana who represents a place unknown to us, another dimension which is impossible to cross. Surrounding her is the perpetual wondering what she is hiding. Each hypothesis is nothing but a manifestation of our being human, apparent protagonists of a life that is a lie. The cellophane wrap at the back of the canvas conveys this idea, and the subsequent pictorial gesture is that of a deceived man.


Petra Gobeo (Pescara, 2001)

Academy of Fine Arts of Macerata

Petra Gobeo’s practice is characterized by a personal interest in the rationality of optical art. Taking into consideration the foundations of the movement, Gobeo contrasts the theories of the past with its aesthetic – pictorial expression. Such expression investigates the introspective aspects of childlike forms which she addresses through a caricature recreation of it.


Kim Isul (Rome, 1993)

Academy of Fine Arts of Rome

Kim Isul, born in Rome and moved to South Korea at the age of one year, draws on her own personale experience. Kim Isul has built her artistic research around the imagery of the points of convergence and divergence between the two cultures, Asian and European. The artist transforms the pictorial space into an almost magical realm in which coexistence and acceptance are based on a delicate balance of diversity and contradiction, both artistically and conceptually.


Andrea Luzi (Ancona, 1997)

Brera Academy of Fine Arts (Milan)

Andrea Luzi’s pictorial experimentation is rooted in graffiti writing, which has subsequently characterized his artistic pursuits. The inclusion of elements that come from popular culture is a constant in his work starting with music and ending with soccer and video games of the late 1990s. Within Luzi’s work one can find a mixture of organic and anthropomorphic forms that come from the plant and animal world and intersect with industrial and cybernetic elements.


Clarissa Moretto (Turin, 1992)

Albertina Academy of Fine Arts, Turin

In recent years, Clarissa Moretto’s artistic path has shifted towards Major Arcana tarot cards. The protagonist is the study of the cards, which are not the cards themselves, but journeys inside a palace made on several floors. Each Arcanum hides instincts, mysteries hidden in the unconscious world, but each symbol does not end and exhaust its meaning. It perpetuates it, enriches it according to the person who stays in contemplation.


Maurizio Pometti (Catania, 1987)

Academy of Fine Arts of Catania

For Maurizio Pometti painting is the place of memory, reconstructed through old photos in which he places an illusory present, where at times the artist himself is part of it. He paints memories which he never experienced. His works are thus

sections of a deceptive diary, in an attempt to model a new reality.


Ilaria Racca (Bracciano, 1998)

Academy of Fine Arts of Rome

Ilaria Racca has chosen colors and signs to tell her story, without fearing the abandonment of reality. She tries to give shape to what she sees and feels, allowing the composition to come together like pieces of a puzzle. It does not matter if it is real or not; it is only essential that the pieces communicate, creating matryoshkas of meaning. Her quest is a chess game against herself.


Antonia Ricciardi (Sant’Angelo dei Lombardi, 1998)

Albertina Academy of Fine Arts, Turin

Antonia Ricciardi investigates the difficulty in understanding reality, dwelling on the relationship between the ego through an introspective process. EnTimos, etymology of the word intimacy, wants to investigate and question the human being’s actions towards the other, relating the different intimacies. The door can lead to an intimate and private space, it can become an element of dialogue between interiority and exteriority.


Alice Romano (San Benedetto del Tronto, 1997)

Brera Academy of Fine Arts (Milan)

Alice Romano explores the effects of change on copper, through energy, fire, shaping an imaginative ecosystem of a mutated world, constantly evolving through active oxidation. Copper takes on a life of its own by spreading between spaces and objects, transforming and invading, in a kind of organic, bacterial mutation that fills internal and external space. Destruction and creation interconnected in the life cycle of existence. Armillaria Project is a work “in the making” that progressively invades the space on which it is placed.


Antonella Soldovieri (Osimo, 1999)

Academy of Fine Arts of Macerata

“The points of contact, like ramifications that expand into reality, generate a continuous flow between the elements of the cosmos that dialogue with each other according to an ancient language. It reflects on us, integral parts of nature, who perceive only superficially the subtle connections between us and the cosmos” says Antonella Soldovieri. Everything is enclosed in the circle, the perfect form of the earth that hosts us. The use of plexiglass, with its transparency allows us to work on both surfaces and look through to peer into the essence of the sign.


Elena Zanfanti (Ravenna, 1979)

Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna

The recurring themes in Elena Zanfanti’s works are portraits, the human body and natural landscapes that investigate the sphere of interiority, invite reflection, provoke disturbance. Her production is permeated by the search for silence aimed at inner listening, at the emergence of anxieties. Society is targeted by the visual and sound chaos of the media and virtual places of sharing and supposed socialization. “Inner Geographies” is a series of works that calls for confrontation with natural elements, particularly water when it is mirror, air when it is tumult, and plant when it is entanglement.



Exhibition : CHIAMATA ALLE ARTI | 2023

Artists : Maria Alejandra Boni, Maria Candeo, Giulia Carminato, Nicola D’Ambrosio, Viola Franchini,  Manuel Francesco Giraldi, Petra Gobeo, Kim Isul, Andrea Luzi, Clarissa Moretto,  Maurizio Pometti, Ilaria Racca, Antonia Ricciardi, Alice Romano, Antonella Soldovieri, Elena Zanfanti

Venue: Mucciaccia Contemporary – Via Laurina 31, 00187 Rome, Italy

Opening : Wednesday July 05 | from 6 to 8pm

Open to the public: July 05  – September 02, 2023

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